Managing your passwords

    Creating strong and safe password is becoming increasingly more difficult as we have more passwords to remember than ever before. It is important to have passwords that are not only personal to you, but complex enough that someone else won’t be able to figure out, and most importantly, that you will be able to remember.

    Best practices for keeping your password secure:
    >Use a combination of both upper and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers.
    >Use compound words, for example choose 3 words that are personal to you and combine them into one memorable word, such as “ilovenetzero” or “dodgersfanforever”.
    >Use popular phrases that have special meaning to you and will be easy to remember, such as “illbeback” or “twasthenightbeforechristmas”, the longer the better.
    >Do not: use the same password for multiple websites or the password for your email account.

    LastPass is a simple tool which lets you store passwords, save time logging in to websites and filling forms, and generating passwords. You will need to sign up and set up billing with LastPass directly to get the service.

    If you would like more information about LastPass or are interested in signing up, please visit the following link to get 3 free months of premium service (available for a limited time only):