Automatically Configuring Your Email

    When you run NetZero for the first time, Message Center will be set as your default email program if you have not already configured a default email client using the NetZero software. If you prefer, you can choose to automatically configure Outlook Express as the email program you use to check NetZero email.

    To automatically configure Outlook Express as your default email program, follow the steps below:

    1. Double-click the NetZero icon on your desktop.
    2. On the Welcome screen, click Settings.
    3. On the Welcome to NetZero Setup screen, click Email.
    4. On the How do you want to get your Email screen, click the circle next to Outlook Express and click Finish.
    5. You can use this same procedure to switch back to Message Center.

    Note: If you use a different email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail, you will need to manually configure NetZero to set up your default email program. Click here for instructions.