About NetZero Dial-up Internet

    NetZero Dial-up internet service allows connectivity to the internet through a standard telephone line. By simply connecting the telephone line to a dial-up modem in your computer and inserting the other end into your phone jack, you are able to access the internet from your computer.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive internet service or if broadband internet is not available in your area, NetZero Dial-up internet service is a great way to get online.

    All NetZero Dial-up members receive the same high-quality access to the Internet that they have come to rely on with NetZero’s service, including:

    > Free Message Center accounts
    > Fast and reliable connections
    > Built-in Instant Messaging feature
    > Compatibility with popular instant messaging programs
    > Thousands of access numbers

    Free Dial-up Access
    NetZero’s Free Dial-up Service allows 10 hours of Internet connectivity per household each month. An advertising toolbar is displayed while using this free service.

    NetZero HiSpeed

    NetZero HiSpeed accelerates your Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem. NO additional equipment and NO waiting! It’s the high-speed surfing solution with the convenience of dial-up.
    The service features are:

    > Ultra-thin Toolbar with no advertising banners.
    > Personalized My NetZero start page.
    > Unlimited Internet access*

    * We reserve the right to impose hourly usage limitations.

    NetZero Toll-Free service?

    NetZero Toll-Free service includes all the great features of NetZero HiSpeed, and allows you to connect to the Internet using a toll-free 800 access number.
    NetZero Toll-Free service includes:

    > No Long Distance Phone Charges
    > The Fastest Dial-Up You Can Get*
    > Norton AntiVirus™ Online**
    > NetZero Instant On!
    > NetZero MegaMail w/ Spam & Virus Protection

    *NetZero Toll-Free is limited to 30 hours of usage per month. Usage is rounded up to the next whole minute. Monthly usage beyond 30 hours will incur a fee of 2½ per minute. We will round your total monthly fee to nearest whole cent. You may incur long distance charges should you use an access number that differs from the toll-free number provided by NetZero. Live telephone technical support is available for a fee of $25 per incident. You are responsible for any long distance and technical support charges incurred even during any free, trial or discounted periods. You will be charged the applicable subscription fees unless you cancel your service before the end of any free or trial periods. To cancel your service, please call . See Terms of Service for details. Service not available in Alaska, Hawaii and other areas. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are in United States dollars. Not all viruses can be detected or cleaned. As described in the terms of service, you are responsible for any damages caused by your decision to download email or attachments. Speed reference compared to major nationally available dial-up ISPs, set at maximum acceleration.