How do I know if my account has been accessed without my authorization?

    One or more of the following signs indicate that your email account has been accessed without your authorization –

    1. Your webmail account folders (Sent, Deleted, Inbox, etc.) and/or your address book contacts have been emptied or deleted.
    2. Your email contacts are getting emails (ex. requesting for money or to click on any link) from your account that you didn’t send.
    3. Your email account inbox is full of mail delivery failure notices for messages you didn’t send.
    4. There are suspicious emails in your Sent, Drafts or Outbox folder that you didn’t create or send.
    5. There are unknown email addresses in your Address book that you didn’t add.
    6. You keep getting disconnected when you’re signed into your account.
    7. You’re not getting any new mail after a specific date. Your account might have an auto-forward option set to unknown account (that doesn’t belong to you).
    8. Your account profile details do not match with your own details.
    9. If the recent Login Activity in the Security section under your Account Management contains any new login IP that does not belong to you.