What should I do if my computer has Spyware or Adware installed on it?

    If you can identify the program installed on your computer that is impeding its performance, it is possible to remove it yourself. Uninstall it in the same way you would any other program, through the Add/Remove software icon in the computer’s . Note that some Spyware has become so advanced that even after it is removed, it will try to re-install itself on the user’s computer. Be sure that after you finish removing the program that it has not returned. If you are not sure how to properly remove the Spyware or Adware program(s), you will need to use a third-party program for assistance.

    To remove spyware from your computer, please install an Anti-Spyware program. Norton Internet Security Online not only provides Anti-Spyware protection but also includes AntiVirus, Firewall and Parental Controls.

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