I did not receive a Mail Delivery Failure notice for an email that was not delivered

    A Mail Delivery Failure notice can take 5-7 days to reach you. If the recipient does not receive your message, and you do not receive a notification after one week of sending it, it’s likely that your email was blocked by the recipient’s email service.

    This can happen if the recipient accidentally puts your email address in their Block or Spam list. If you suspect this might be the case, please contact the recipient and ask them to check their Spam or Block settings.

    If you believe there is some other reason for this, please send a detailed description of the problem to abuse@support.netzero.com, along with the following details:

    1. The Sender’s and Recipient’s email address.
    2. The exact date(s) and time(s) when the message(s) was sent.
    3. The Subject line(s) of the message(s).

    Note: These details can easily be retrieved from your Sent folder.

    Click here to learn how to save outgoing messages to the Sent folder.