Do’s and Don’ts

    – Do not reply to the spam.

    – Do not click on the remove/unsubscribe link given in a message from an un-trusted source. These are often used as a ploy by spammers to determine active email accounts.

    – Do not click on the URL given in the message. This could validate the existence of the account.

    – Do not give your personal/account information over email without checking the validity of the message. This can be crosschecked by contacting the help-desk of the legitimate company.

    – If you have concerns about an email, please contact the company from whom the email appears to have been sent. The company will be able to verify the authenticity of the email.

    – Do report all spam to Spamdesk

    – Do read the ‘Terms of Service’ document on external sites while providing your email address. Some sites/services, in turn, pass on the email-addresses to bulk mailers/spammers.

    – Do update your antivirus software and run virus-scans on your computer periodically .