Firewall Protection

    A computer Firewall is a barrier between your computer and the outside world. Just like a fire is most likely to spread through open doors in a building, your computer is most vulnerable at its ports (the doors). Without ports you could not go on the Internet or let Internet traffic enter your computer.

    Firewalls are used to filter and stop information sent and received via the Internet. They are used as a means of keeping networks secure.

    NetZero has partnered with Symantec to provide protection against a wide variety of Internet security threats by offering security products like Norton AntiVirus Online and Norton Internet Security Online.

    Norton Internet Security Online comes with a Personal Firewall that provides protection to your computer from hackers and other Internet attacks.

    The following features of the Norton Personal Firewall allow your computer to be secure:

  • Hides your computer from hackers.
  • Automatically detects Internet attacks, like the Code Red and Blaster worms.
  • Monitors and regulates all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.
  • Gives you the power to decide which programs connect to the Internet.
  • Shields you from being attacked through security holes in unpatched software.
  • Prevents confidential information from being sent without your permission.
  • Blocks banner ads and popup windows, so you can surf faster.
  • Sets up easily on your home network.
  • Continues to protect when you connect your laptop to a different network.
  • To sign up for NetZero subscription-based Norton Internet Security Online and have access to Personal Firewall, click here.