Why am I getting mail that wasn’t addressed to me?

    It is possible to receive a message that appears to not have been addressed to you. When you receive this kind of message, this means that you were sent a blind carbon copy (Bcc) message. A Bcc message is a copy of the message that is sent to one or more recipients where the recipients’ names are not visible (therefore, the term blind) to each other or other recipients of the message.

    Often, spammers use “blind carbon copy” addressing to hide extremely long recipient lists and to confuse recipients. Because many people use Bcc messaging in acceptable ways on a daily basis, we cannot take action against email messages coming into our domain because of Bcc addressing. NetZero does not condone any sort of Internet abuse, however, and we are happy to help our members stop offensive email.

    If you receive a spam message that appears to have originated from NetZero, please forward the message with its full headers, to abuse@support.netzero.com.

    If you receive a spam message from a non-NetZero email address, forward the message with its full headers to the postmaster at the sender’s domain. For example, if the message came from sendername@domainname.com, forward the message to . To help us fight spam better, please send us a copy of the spam. To learn about how to report spam to NetZero, click here.

    If the spam originated at NetZero, we will take immediate action, or forward complaints along to the appropriate authorities at other domains so that action will be taken against the offending accounts.