Parental Controls

    Parental Control lets parents choose the Web sites and newsgroups that their children can visit and the types of Internet programs that children can use.

    NetZero has partnered with Symantec to provide protection against a wide variety of Internet security threats by offering security products like Norton AntiVirus Online and Norton Internet Security Online.

    Norton Internet Security Online includes Parental Control to keep children out of Web sites with content most parents would find inappropriate. You can also customize settings, however, to make allowances when you need more – or less – flexibility for your kids.

  • Child: Has limited access to the Internet but can’t change account settings.
  • Teenager: Has access to more content than the child status but can’t change his own settings.
  • Adult: Has full access to the Internet and can change settings for his own account but not for anyone else.
  • Supervisor: Has full access to the Internet and the ability to change others’ settings and turn Parental Control off and on.
  • To sign up for NetZero subscription-based Norton Internet Security Online and have access to Parental Control, click here.