Spam Fighting Tools

    As email becomes more popular, many users are receiving an increasing amount of the unsolicited commercial email messages known as spam. Not only does spam make it difficult to identify valid email messages, some spam contains offensive messages and images.

    NetZero has partnered with Symantec to provide protection against a wide variety of Internet security threats by offering security products like Norton AntiVirus Online and Norton Internet Security Online.

    Norton Internet Security Online includes Norton AntiSpam, which has several powerful features to reduce your exposure to unwanted online content with spam filtering tools like:

  • Integration with email programs.
  • Blocked lists.
  • Automatic import of addresses.
  • Self-training.
  • Custom spam rules.
  • Mail filtering.
  • To sign up for NetZero subscription-based Norton Internet Security Online and, protect your computer from the latest spam threats, click here.

    Also, all NetZero members can take advantage of NetZero Message Center which offers several tools to fight effectively against SPAM. The options available are:

  • Block list: Block List gives you the ability to block certain addresses or domains from reaching your Inbox.
  • Junk Mail Settings: You can configure your Junk Mail settings to be more or less restrictive on the incoming messages to filter the spam.
  • There are three Junk Mail Settings levels:

  • Off – All messages would go to your Inbox.
  • Standard – Messages considered as junk by NetZero’s junk filters would automatically go to the Junk Mail Settings folder, while all other messages will go to your Inbox.
  • Exclusive – All messages will go to the Junk Mail Settings folder unless the message is from any contact in your Address Book or from NetZero.
  • To sign up for a NetZero HiSpeed, Platinum or MegaMail account and have access to Junk Mail Settings, click here.