Virus Protection

    A virus is a program or executable file (.exe file extension), which somewhat like a biological virus, has the ability to replicate it self and sometimes damages its host.

    NetZero has partnered with Symantec to provide protection against a wide variety of Internet security threats by offering security products like Norton AntiVirus Online and Norton Internet Security Online.

    Norton AntiVirus Online provides comprehensive virus prevention, threat detection, and repair software for your computer. It automatically detects and repairs known viruses. Norton AntiVirus detects viruses and other potential risks in instant messenger attachments as well as in email messages, Internet download, and other files. Easy updating of the virus definitions over the Internet keeps Norton AntiVirus prepared for the latest threats.

    Norton AntiVirus includes expanded threat detection of both known and emerging threats, such as spy ware and other files that could put your computer at risk. Norton AntiVirus also scans files inside of compressed files. Norton AntiVirus continually monitors your computer and protects it from known and unknown threats.

    To protect your computer from viruses and other attacks, sign up for Norton Anti-Virus Online or Norton Internet Security by clicking here.