What is Adware?

    Adware is another type of program that is installed on computers to provide information about a person’s Internet usage. However, Adware is used not to gain access to personal information but to record and report Internet surfing information so that advertisements relevant to that user will be displayed when they are on certain Web sites. These ads appear mainly in the form of pop-ups, which can slow down Internet connection speeds and interfere with Web page loading.

    When a program is downloaded from an Internet location, an End User License Agreement (EULA) is usually presented prompting the user to accept or deny the Terms and Conditions. It is in the end lines of these agreements that information about Adware is frequently presented and once the License Agreement is accepted, the Adware is installed with user consent. It is important to thoroughly read and review all information before downloading any program from the Internet or agreeing to any Terms of Service or License Agreements.