Upgrade to Megamail

    NetZero MegaMail for NetZero DSL and HiSpeed members, is a premium email service that enhances your NetZero Message Center experience.

    NetZero MegaMail, which comes bundled with for NetZero DSL or HiSpeed or can be purchased separately.

    With NetZero MegaMail you get:

    * 2GB of email storage
    * Space for 10000 contacts in your address book
    * 50 Sort and Delete settings
    * 1500 Block List spaces
    * Mail Forwarding
    * External POP retrieval (so you can get email from an outside address)
    * The ability to access your NetZero email with an outside program (like Outlook Express)
    Please note that NetZero MegaMail’s feature enhancements only affect Message Center. While it allows all members to access their email through a dedicated email program, it otherwise does not affect a member’s dedicated email program experience.

    To sign up for NetZero MegaMail or NetZero MegaMail Plus, click here.