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Billing FAQs
How much does NetZero DSL cost?
Do I have to pay extra for equipment or installation?
Besides the basic subscription rate, are there any other costs that I need to know about?
Do I have to make a commitment with early-termination fees?
If I already have NetZero DSL servicer, how can I check if my service is under a commitment?
Where can I get billing support?
When will I be billed for NetZero DSL?
Will I be charged according to my usage?
I switched to NetZero DSL from a different DSL provider, but my old service continues to bill me.
I have questions about my payment.
What should I do if I didn't print the confirmation page when I signed up?
If I upgraded from NetZero Dial-up Service, does my billing date change?
I just signed up for NetZero DSL and don't understand the amount I was charged on my bill.
I cannot use the service because it keeps telling me I need to update my account information.
I just updated my payment information and still cannot use the service.
I recently cancelled the NetZero DSL service. Do I qualify for a refund and if so, how long does it take to receive it?
What will happen if I change my phone number or move to a new location?
Can I change my NetZero memberID or email address registered with the NetZero DSL service?

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