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Operating System

Using Connection Center

NetZero DSL Connection Center allows you to manage settings such as the automatic email alerts and check your Internet connection status.

Simply right-click on the NetZero DSL icon in your computer's systray (on the lower-right corner) to bring up the Connection Center menu.

  • Search the Web (powered by Google): clicking on this will open a search page which uses Google to find what you're looking for.
  • Display Email Alerts: This option allows you to turn on or off the automatic email alerts simply by clicking on it. A check mark means the alerts are turned on (email alerts are turned on by default).
  • Email Alert Settings ...: Clicking this lets you configure the email alerts, including letting you choose how frequently NetZero DSL checks for new mail (click here for more information).
  • Account Info ...: This option takes you to your account page where you can check your bill, update your payment information, and more.
  • Go to Inbox: Clicking this takes you directly to your Message Center.
  • Tools: This brings up a sub-menu from which you can see information on your system, as well as reset your Network Adapters in case of connection problems.
  • Launch Browser on Startup: When this is selected your preferred web browser will automatically launch whenever you start up your computer. A check mark means this feature is turned on.
  • Check Connection: This option will run a quick diagnostic check of your Internet connection, and let you know if there are any problems.
  • Connection Center Help: Clicking on this will bring up a page to help resolve most of your troubleshooting needs.
  • Exit: This will close your DSL connection and shut-down Connection Center.

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