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Operating System

Why am I getting random/frequent disconnections?

Your Internet connection can be affected by many factors, such as loose cable connections or your modem needing to be reset. Please try the following solutions to troubleshoot your problem.

A.Check your connections
B.Verify that filters have been installed on all of your phone jacks
C.Check for too many connected telephone devices
D.Check for possible interference
E.Restart your NetZero DSL modem and computer

A. Check your Connections
Often times, problems with connecting to the Internet can be caused by a loose connection between your DSL modem and your computer or the phone jack. Check to be sure that all the cables (including all of the DSL phone filters) are connected in their proper ports, and re-connect them to be certain they are securely plugged in. Once you've checked and re-connected your cables, try connecting to the Internet again.

B. Verify that filters have been installed on all of your phone jacks.
If you have not installed DSL phone filters on all your voice devices (phone, fax, answering machine, satellite TV system, security system etc) it could cause interference with your DSL signal, resulting in a slower connection. Check to be sure all of your devices have filters, and that they are correctly and securely connected.

If you still have problems, try unplugging one device from the filter at a time to see if you have a faulty filter.

C. Check for too many connected telephone devices.
It is not recommended to have more than 5 telephone devices or extensions connected in your home. Doing so might cause interference with your DSL connection even if all the devices have DSL filters installed.

D. Check for possible Interference
Other electrical devices which are near your DSL modem might be producing electromagnetic interference (EMI), resulting in an inconsistent DSL signal. Devices such as a fluorescent lamp, cordless phones, or fax machines which are within a few feet of your DSL modem could be affecting your connection. Try to place your DSL modem further away from other electric devices, and see if it makes a difference.

E. Restart your NetZero DSL modem and computer
Many times your modem will simply need to be turned off and restarted (power-cycled) in order to re-establish connection to the Internet.

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Turn off your DSL modem by turning off the power (for wireless modems) and unplugging the AC power cord.
  3. Wait for at least 30 seconds to one minute
  4. Turn on your DSL modem by plugging back the AC power cord and turning the modem on, and wait for it to go through its internal setup until the Power and DSL/Broadband lights are green and steady.
  5. Turn on your computer, and try to reconnect to the Internet.
If you've tried all of these solutions and still are unable to connect to the Internet, please contact our customer support at 1-800-638-9376.

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