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Operating System

General Connection FAQs
Do I need to transfer my NetZero DSL service from my old computer to a new one?
What do the Indicator Lights on the DSL modem mean?
I have new DSL Wireless Modem. What does the Indicator Lights on the DSL wireless modem mean?
Using Connection Center
Does my NetZero DSL modem support Home Networking?
Can I use VPN with my DSL connection
Can I access my home computer when I am at work?
Will I have to download and install new versions of firmware for my DSL modem?
How do I connect using NetZero Dialup?
How can I tell if my modem supports wireless networking?
How do I connect my computer to the wireless network?
What is the difference between 2071 modem and the Wireless 4011G modem?
How can I add another computer to my wireless network?
How to connect my Wii to my wireless network?
How to connect my Xbox 360 to my wireless network?
How to connect my Playstation 3 to my wireless network?
How to change the password of the modem?

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