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Operating System

I can't connect to the Internet

Trouble connecting to the Internet can be caused by a variety of factors. Please try each of these solutions to resolve your problem.

A.Check all your connections
B. Check your DSL phone filters
C. Check your phone service
D.Check your modem Indicator Lights
E.Restart your NetZero DSL modem and your computer

A. Check your Connections
Often times, problems with connecting to the Internet can be caused by a loose connection between your DSL modem and your computer or the phone jack. Check to be sure that all the cables (including all of the DSL phone filters) are connected in their proper ports, and re-connect them to be certain they are securely plugged in. Once you've checked and re-connected your cables, try connecting to the Internet again.

B. Check your DSL phone filters
Make sure you install DSL phone filters for all telephone devices (telephone, fax machines, satellite TV systems, home alarm systems, etc ) in your home. Each of these telephone devices can interfere with your DSL connection if not properly equipped with a DSL phone filter.

C. Check your phone service
Since your DSL service and your phone service share the same line, if there is a disruption to your phone service, it will affect your Internet connection. Check your phone to hear if there is a dial-tone, or if there is a lot of static or noise on the line. If so, your phone service may be having problems. Once your phone service is restored, try connecting to the Internet again.

D. Check your modem Indicator Lights
Your modem's Indicator Lights will tell you if your modem is receiving a DSL signal and working properly. Your modem's Power, DSL/Broadband and Ethernet or USB lights should all be shining green and steady. If either the Power or DSL/Broadband lights are not lit green, or are blinking, there may be a problem with the DSL service or your phone line.

Click here to learn more about what your modem's Indicator Lights mean.

Another way to check your connection is to right-click on the connection center icon in the system tray and select Check Modem Connection.

E. Restart your NetZero DSL modem and your computer
Many times your modem will simply need to be turned off and restarted (power-cycled) in order to re-establish connection to the Internet.

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Turn off your DSL modem by turning off the power (for wireless modems) and unplugging the AC power cord.
  3. Wait for at least 30 seconds to one minute.
  4. Turn on your DSL modem by plugging back the AC power cord and turning the modem on, and wait for it to go through its internal setup until the Power and DSL/Broadband lights are green and steady.
  5. Turn on your computer, and try to reconnect to the Internet.
If you've tried all of these solutions and still are unable to connect to the Internet, please contact our customer support at 1-800-638-9376.

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