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What are the benefits of NetZero DSL?

The first thing you'll notice about NetZero DSL is the speed. You'll be able to download files in a fraction of the time of dial-up, and web pages and email load almost instantly.

But there's more than speed.

  • No more dial-up connection issues: You won't have to deal with busy signals, slow connection, dropped connections, or needing to try different access numbers to connect to the Internet
  • Surf the web without tying up your phone line: DSL allows you to connect to the Internet and make regular phone calls at the same time, meaning the same line can download a video while you talk to your friend about it.
  • Always-on connection: DSL is "always on" so you are connected from the moment you turn on your computer, without starting special software or waiting while your modem connects. You can surf as soon as your computer boots up.

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