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Sending and Receiving Videos

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How do I record a video using my webcam?

NetZero's Video Mail interface has all of the tools you need to record a video using your Webcam so you can send it to your friends or family.

To create a video message:

  1. Log-in to Message Center, click on the Compose tab, and select Video Mail.
  2. You'll see a box with your Video Mail interface. Be sure the Record Video tab is selected.
  3. If your webcam is connected and working, you should see yourself in the video screen. Otherwise, you will see a message to help you get your webcam set up properly.
  4. Your Video Mail recording setting is automatically determined based on your connection. Click the Video Quality button to change it.
  5. Press the Record button, and start your video message (the Record button will turn into a Pause button once you start recording).
  6. If you wish to pause during your recording, press the Pause button. Clicking Pause stops the recording process, and turns the button back to Record.
  7. To continue from where you left off, click Record.
  8. Notice the meter along the bottom of the video screen that measures the length of your recording. If your time runs out before you finish your message, the recording process will end.
  9. When you are finished, click the Stop button. This ends your recording session.
  10. Once you finish recording, you can review your message by clicking Play .
  11. If you are happy with your video, you can type a message to the recipient in the area below, and press the Send button. If you wish to re-record your video, press Record to start over (Note: if you re-record a video, the original will be permanently deleted).

If you like, you can save your video as a draft by clicking the Save Draft button, and send it at a later time. Please note if you save your video as a draft you will not be able to edit it. However, you will be able to record a new video and edit other fields just like any email.

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