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Common Browsing Errors / Solutions

NetZero HiSpeed encountered a problem while starting, disabling
acceleration for this online session.

This error appears when the NetZero HiSpeed software on your computer cannot communicate with the NetZero HiSpeed servers. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some steps you can follow to enable NetZero HiSpeed:

Possible Solutions
A. Verify that you logged in with a NetZero HiSpeed-enabled account
B. Disconnect and reconnect
C. Reinstall the NetZero HiSpeed

A. Verify that you logged in with a NetZero HiSpeed-enabled account

If you use multiple NetZero accounts on the same computer, NetZero HiSpeed will only be enabled when logging in with the accounts for which you paid for the NetZero HiSpeed service. Please check that the MemberID you logged in with is a NetZero HiSpeed-enabled account.

To check to see if your account is NetZero HiSpeed-enabled, please click here.

B. Disconnect and reconnect

NetZero HiSpeed may have been disabled due to a temporary communication problem between the NetZero HiSpeed software on your computer and the NetZero HiSpeed servers. Disconnecting from the NetZero service and reconnecting will resolve these types of issues.

C. Reinstall the NetZero HiSpeed software

If the above issues do not resolve the problem, the NetZero HiSpeed software may have become corrupted and should be reinstalled. To do so:

  1. Download a new copy of the NetZero HiSpeed software by clicking here.

Make sure you download OPTION 2. This download contains everything you need to get online and enjoy high-speed surfing over your dial-up connection.

  1. Choose the option to Save the incoming file. You will be asked to choose a directory. From the Save in drop-down menu, select Desktop so that the download file will be easy to locate.
  2. Once the download is complete, disconnect from NetZero. A NetZero HiSpeed setup icon will appear on your desktop. Double-click on the setup icon to reinstall NetZero HiSpeed.

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