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Windows Error: NetZero HiSpeed has stopped working

If you see the Windows error "NetZero HiSpeed has stopped working" message it means that there was a problem encountered by the NetZero Accelerator only (you will still be connected to the Internet, except it will be at regular 56K dial-up speed, not accelerated). Simply click on the Close Program button, and the NetZero Accelerator will try to automatically restart, so you can continue to enjoy an accelerated connection.

However, if you see a NetZero error saying that the session is no longer accelerated (Error 17) after you click the Close Program button on the Windows error box, it means that the Accelerator was unable to restart, and your Internet connection will remain at the regular 56K speed until you sign off. In order to restore your accelerator you will need to restart NetZero.

Please note that clicking the Close Program button on the Windows error box does not stop your Internet connection, it only closes the NetZero Accelerator. You will continue to be connected to the Internet until you log off and close NetZero.

If you continue to experience this problem on a particular website, there may be some content present that interferes with the NetZero Accelerator, causing it to shut down. To avoid this problem in the future, simply add the problem website's URL to the accelerator exclusion list (click here for instructions on adding a website to your exclusion list).

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