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Note:If you're using NetZero's new Message Center, please click here.

NetZero includes a built-in search function that will let you search for emails in your mailbox.

To search for an email:

  1. Click the Search link at the top of the screen, next to the Help link.
  2. NetZero provides a wide variety of options so you can focus your search very precisely. Search for your email using one or more of the following last three search options:

    • Sender: Use the From: field to search for messages from a specific person.
    • Recipient: Use the To: field if you know the email address to which the message you are looking for, was sent.
    • Subject: Use this field if you know the subject line or some words in subject line of the email you are looking for.

      Note: To search for a message you must enter a search text in at least one of the above-mentioned fields. When setting search criteria, if you enter a search text in more than one search option, only the messages that meet all of the search criteria are found.

  3. Once you enter the search text, select the folder in which you would like to search for the message. By default, this is set to All Folders.
  4. You can search your email message for one of the pre-defined time periods or specify the time period yourself.

    • To search for a pre-defined time period, click the circle next to the drop-down menu and select one of options from the list - Today, Last 2 days, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or Last 90 days.
    • If you would like to define the time period, click the circle next to From: and enter the dates in the From: and To: boxes. You can also select the dates using the Calendar buttons provided adjacent to the From and To boxes. Click on the button and select your desired dates from the calendar that pops up.

  5. To perform the search, click Search. To cancel, click Cancel.

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