Wi-Fi Password Management

    I forgot or need to reset my SSID and Key

    If you are using a Wi-Fi-enabled device and forgot your NetZero network SSID and Key, you can find the default SSID and Key on your NetZero device.

    For the NetZero HotSpot™, this information is either on the front or back of the device.

    For the MiFi® 5580 or 500 LTE, this information will be on back of the device and the label on the box.

    For the NetZero 4G Home Modem, this information is side of the device.

    If you need to reset the NetZero device to factory default settings, follow these steps:

    Note: Do NOT factory reset MiFi® 5580 or 500 LTE, it will render the device useless.

      • Locate the small reset pin hole on the device.
      • Make sure the device is powered on.
      • Insert a small pointy object inside the reset pin hole and hold it for about 5 seconds. The device will restart.
      • After the power up sequence, the NetZero network will again use the default SSID and Key indicated on the device.

    Note: if you change or reset the NetZero network SSID and Key, this information may need to be changed for all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices. If you are not sure how to change this setting on your Wi-Fi-enabled device, check with the manufacturer’s user manual or spec sheet.