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How do I check for a local access number?
To find a list of local access numbers, click here. Be prepared to type in your 3-digit area code for a list of numbers in your area. You are solely responsible for determining if use of a particular access number will cause you to incur long-distance, toll, or other charges. We are not responsible for any long-distance, toll, or other telecommunications charges you incur. Depending on your particular location, the access number you use may not be a local phone call (even though it may be in the same area code or city as your phone number). We advise you to check with your local phone company to verify whether any access number you are using or intend to use requires a local call and whether any communication charges may apply.

Will I be mailed a CD-ROM after completing online registration?
You will not be mailed a CD-ROM if you register online for BlueLight Internet Service. At the end of registration, you will be presented with a link to download the software directly from the Internet. If you are already a registered user and need to download the latest version of the software, click here.

Can I get a software CD-ROM mailed to me?
You will not be mailed a CD-ROM, but however you can download the software directly from the Internet. Please click here to download the software.

I am currently an AOL user and am having trouble completing the download process for the BlueLight Internet Service software. What do I do?
AOL users sometimes timeout before the software download is complete. If you are unable to complete the software download, it will be necessary to have the software sent to you via email. Click here to request the software via email.

Why do you ask for an alternate email address? What if I don't have one?
BlueLight Internet Service occasionally sends out important service announcements, pertaining to technical outages, new features or your payment status. We will send these notices to your alternate email address, if you provide one, to ensure you receive them in a timely fashion. It is important that you keep BlueLight Internet Service notified of any alternate email address changes, or you may risk missing important service notifications pertaining to your account. To update your alternate email address, click here. For those new to the Internet and without an alternate email address, leave the alternate address field blank when registering. We will notify you of service notifications at your new MyBlueLight email address, which you will receive upon completing registration.

Why do you ask for my personal information?
We collect your personal information, including name, address and phone number, so that we can correctly bill you for service and contact you in the event of account problems. It is important that the name and address you register with match your billing information or payments may fail. Click here to view the BlueLight Internet Service Privacy Policy.

What terms and conditions am I agreeing to by registering for the BlueLight Internet Service?
To read the full text of the Terms of Use, click here.

Where do I get help with registration?
If you are having problems with registration, contact BlueLight Internet Service Support. Click here for contact information.

I encountered an error message during registration, what do I do?
If you receive a "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties" error message during registration, please try to resubmit the information by clicking "Continue" button. If you receive the error message a second time, please contact BlueLight Internet Service Technical Support. Click here for contact information.

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