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Operating System

An application or operating system that takes advantage of the ability of your processor to handle 32 bits in parallel.
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Access Number
The phone number your modem dials to connect to NetZero’s central computers.
Your NetZero email address and its associated services.
Address Book
A collection of email addresses that you frequently use, stored within NetZero Message Center.
The name used as a shortcut to refer to an email address in your Address Book, so that you don't have to type the entire address.
Antivirus Software
Software that guards your computer against viruses.
Application Error
An error message produced by the Windows operating system. This error appears when the memory needed to run the operating system (in this case, Windows) is about to be taken up by other software programs (suchas NetZero).
The security check that takes place after you've successfully dialed into NetZero's central computers. During this check, the central computers verify information about your account, such as the password.
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To visit World Wide Web sites.
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Cc: box
Entering an email address in this box on Message Center's Write screen allows you to send a "carbon copy" of your message to a person other than the primary recipients listed in the To: box.
Central Computers
The NetZero computers that act as a relay point between your computer and the Internet.
COM port
A piece of hardware (usually part of your computer) that controls the flow of data between your modem and your computer.
A software program that provides access to network resources by interacting with a program on another computer. The NetZero client on your computer connects to the NetZero central computers.
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Deleted Items folder
The folder where deleted messages are stored until you exit NetZero Message Center or until you select "Empty Deleted Items Folder" from the menu.
The main user interface for Windows.
Dial-Up Networking
(1) A temporary modem connection between your computer and another computer.
(2) The software used to create such connections.
Dialog box
A box that pops up in front of a program's main interface when you click on a button or choose a menu item. The dialog box prompts you to choose an option or enter text.
To copy a message or a file from a remote computer to your computer.
Drop-down menu
The menu that appears when you use the left mouse button to click on a menu bar item at the top of your NetZero screen.
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(1) A method of sending messages from one computer to another over a network.
(2) The messages sent by this method. These messages are mainly text, but can have word processor documents, spreadsheets, computer programs, or other files attached.
To transfer an object or data outside of the program that created it.
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General Protection Fault
An error message produced by the Windows operating system. This error appears when the processor of your computer has trouble with the location of certain data.
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Hard disk
A hardware device where your applications and files are stored. The hard disk drive is usually the C:\ drive of your computer.
Header box
The box near the top of the Read screen in Message Center where header information about each message (such as its sender, subject, and date) is displayed.
Text or images on a World Wide Web page that you can click on to go to another part of the same page or to a different page.
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A picture intended to represent something (a file, directory, or application). When you click on an icon, your computer performs an action such as opening a directory or running a program.
(1) To copy an object or data created by one application into another.
The folder that holds your incoming mail in Message Center.
Initialization String
A set of modem commands that your communications software uses to tell your modem how to communicate with another modem.
An international network made up of smaller, local computer networks.
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Local Area Network (LAN)
A small network of computers that share the resources of a single server within a relatively small geographic area, usually in an office or a university. Often the LAN has a permanent connection to the Internet.
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Mailing lists
A set of email addresses in Message Center grouped under one name. When you send a message to the name of the mailing list, everyone on the list receives the message.
Anyone who uses a NetZero service.
Member Profile
Information members provide that helps NetZero determine what subjects a member is interested in, what advertisements to show a member, and what new services a member might like to see.
A list of items that allows you to select and perform various functions.
Menu bar
The horizontal line of words near the top of many Windows screens, just below the title bar.
Message area
The panel on Message Center's Read or Write screen where the message body is displayed or written.
Message headers
Routing information inserted at the top of an email message, such as the sender, the recipients, the date when the message was sent, and the path it followed through the network from the sender’s computerto the recipient’s computer.
A device that allows your computer to communicate with other computers over phone lines.
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The folder in Message Center that holds your outgoing mail before it is sent to NetZero’s central computers.
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A phrase or word that controls access to your NetZero account.
Pop-up menu
The menu that appears when you right-click on a program's interface.
A set of communication rules that specify how two or more computers "talk" to each other over a particular network. TCP/IP and HTTP, for example, are protocols used for Internet communications.
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Random Access Memory (RAM)
Temporary storage that your computer uses while running an application. This memory is cleared when the computer is turned off.
Remote access
Allows you to access your NetZero account from more than one computer.
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Sent Items folder
The folder in Message Center that saves a copy of the messages you send.
The entirety of NetZero’s offerings, including email, World Wide Web access, and all sales affiliated with NetZero, Inc.
Shortcut keys
Keystrokes that allow you to select items and perform functions using your keyboard rather than your mouse.
Text appended to an outgoing message in Message Center, frequently containing identifying information about the sender (such as the sender’s name or email address), or a favorite saying or quotation.
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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A set of communications rules that specify how data is transferred between computers on the Internet.
Title bar
A colored bar at the very top of most windows. It often displays the name and logo of the program you're currently using.
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To copy a message or a file from your computer to a remote computer.
Universal Resource Locator (URL)
The address of a World Wide Web page.
User name
The part of the email address that appears before the '@'.
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A program that has the ability to replicate itself and that sometimes damages its host.
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A program, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, that lets you view World Wide Web pages.
The first dialog box that appears after the NetZero logo upon starting the NetZero program. You use the Welcome screen to enter, create, import, or delete a NetZero account.
World Wide Web
A system for providing access to the information on the Internet. Documents on the World Wide Web are represented in HTML, which enables them to support links to other documents, as well as graphics, audio, and video. Users navigate the Web by clicking on hypertext links.
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