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NetZero Platinum Companion - Menu Options

If you have not signed up for NetZero Platinum service, click here for instructions on using the ZeroPort.

The Platinum Companion has several buttons conveniently placed to help you get the most from your time online:

NetZero Button

Clicking the NetZero button will take you to the My NetZero Home page, where you can see the latest headlines, check your NetZero email, get technical support, and more!

Options Button

Clicking the Options button will pop up a menu listing all of the options and services available to you through the NetZero Platinum Companion.

The available options are:

View - Lets you decide where you want the NetZero Platinum Companion docked.
- Dock Top
- Float
- Dock Bottom
- Minimize


- Launch NetZero on Computer Startup:(Checked by default) Uncheck this option if you do not want NetZero to launch automatically when you start your computer.

- Disconnect When I Close Last Browser: (Checked by default) Uncheck this option if you do not want NetZero to disconnect when you close the last browser window.

Help Center - Provides links to several NetZero support Web pages, including tutorials on using the NetZero software.

Upgrade Today - Provides links to NetZero software upgrade page.

About NetZero - Displays the NetZero Platinum version number, patent and copyright notices.

Download Now- Get the complete version of NetZero. If this option is grayed out, you are already using the complete version of NetZero.

Disconnect - Disconnects you from NetZero.

Email Buttons - Inbox and Write

Inbox Button - Click the Inbox button to go to the Inbox for your configured email program (such as NetZero Message Center or Outlook Express).

Write Button - Click the Write button to compose a new message via your configured email program (such as NetZero Message Center or Outlook Express).

For more information on how to configure your email for NetZero, click here.

Web Button

To launch your home page, click the Web button.

Go Search! Button (Classic Mode only)

If you need to run a quick search, just click the Go Search! button and you will be taken to our easy-to-use search engine. Once here, typing in a general word, such as music or sports, automatically runs a search and displays the results in your browser. After searching, all you have to do is click the URL or hypertext link of your choice.

Help Button

Click the Help button to visit the NetZero Support site.

Disconnect Button

Click Disconnect when you are ready to disconnect from NetZero.

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