Working with Attachments

    How do I attach a file?

    To send one or more attachments with your email, follow these steps:

    1. While you have your message open, and you are ready to add the attachment, click the Attach File(s).
    2. Once you find the file you want to attach, select it and click Open.


  • You can attach multiple files at once by selecting the option “Attach multiple files at once and show progress bars (requires Flash)” in Composing section on Messages options page.
  • Depending on the size of your selected file, this process could take time as you upload it to NetZero’s mail server. Please be patient.
  • 3. The name of your uploaded file will appear next to Subject text box, as well as its file size. You can see a running total of the size of your file attachments, as well as how much space remains available for more.

    Note: NetZero (with NetZero MegaMail Plus, NetZero MegaMail, NetZero Platinum, and Free) can send outgoing message not exceeding (single message including attachment size) 30 MB, 20 MB, 10 MB, and 10 MB, based on your service level.

    4. If you want to cancel your attachments, click Cancel.
    5. If you want to send another attachment, follow the same procedure listed above.
    6. To remove an attachment either uncheck the box or click the Delete link next to the attachment name.
    7. When you are ready to send your attachment(s) along with your message, click Send.

    How do I forward an attachment?

    When you forward an email message, Message Center automatically includes any attachments and sends them. If you don’t want to include the attachment when you forward a message:

    1. Highlight the attachment(s) you wish to remove from the message you want to forward.
    2. Click on the Remove button.

    The attachment(s) will not be included when you hit the Send button.

    How do I view/open file attachments?

    The following steps will help you view and save attachments using Message Center:

    Viewing an Attachment:

    1. Login in to NetZero Message Center by visiting
    2. Go to your Inbox and open the mail with the attachment.
    3. Messages with an attachment have a paperclip icon next them.
    4. Click on either the sender’s name or the subject to open the message.
    5. The attachments appear in the message in the appropriate section. The File or Document attachment it will be next to Sent field while the images and photos will be in both next to Sent field as well as in the Images section.

    Note: If there is an attachment in the Images section, you can view a slideshow of the images by clicking View Slideshow button.

    6. To open a Photo or Image attachment, click on the image.
    7. To open a File or Document attachment, click the respective file link to open the file.
    8. Click Download Attachments to continue.
    9. Click Open in the File download – Security Warning window.
    10. Picture attachments (such as .gif, .jpg, or .bmp) appear in the Photo Viewer, while File attachments (such as .txt or .doc) open in your word processor.
    11. vCard attachments open in the Address Book: Add New Contact page, automatically transferring information into the appropriate sections.
    Please note vCards frequently contain information, which doesn’t have a matching field in the Address Book. Any extra vCard information will not be transferred.
    12. To save your new contact to your Address Book, click on Save. If you want to cancel, click Cancel.

    Saving an Attachment:

    If you want to save an attachment to your computer, follow the steps below:

    Picture Attachments:

    1. Login in to NetZero Message Center by visiting
    2. Go to your Inbox and open the mail, which has the attachment in it.
    3. Check the box below the image, which you want to save and click Download Selected button. To save all the images click Download All button.
    4. Click Download attachments to continue to download.
    5. Click Save in the File download – Security Warning window.
    6. Select an appropriate location on your hard drive or disk and click Save.

    Text Attachments:

    1. Login in to NetZero Message Center by visiting
    2. Go to your Inbox and open the mail, which has the attachment in it.
    3. Open the attachment by clicking on the respective file link. To save all the attachments 4. click Download All.
    4. Click Download attachments to continue to download.
    5. Select Save in the File download – Security Warning window.
    6. Select an appropriate location on your hard drive or disk and click Save.

    How do I optimize my attachments before I send them?

    Email is a perfect way for people to share pictures with one another. Unfortunately, pictures downloaded directly from a digital camera or from other sources may be too large or too high-quality for Internet sharing.

    Large, high-quality pictures are perfect for printing out, but they take a long time to download over a 56k connection, and may be too large to easily view on a monitor.

    Resizing and compressing pictures so they can be easily sent by email, and are small enough to fit on most computer monitors, is a simple solution.

    A. Selecting a Program

    The only graphics program that comes installed with Windows is Paint, which isn’t a good choice for resizing and compressing images. However, there are a number of software programs, both commercial and freeware, that are very good for manipulating images. Some of these are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Album, Mircosoft Photo Editor, Microsoft Picture It ! Photo Premium 9, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8, Jan’s Formati 11 and Irfanview.

    B. Resizing Images

    Before emailing images to friends and acquaintances, it’s a good idea to keep images small, usually no bigger than 600 pixels (dots) wide or 500 pixels tall.

    Shrinking images:

  • Allows pictures to be seen more easily
  • Reduces a picture’s file size considerably
  • Allows for quicker downloads
  • C. Compressing Images

    While shrinking the size of an image is one way to lower its file size another is to use JPG compression to lower the quality of an image, reducing the file size.

    D. Regarding File Size

    How small should the file sizes of images be? Remember that NetZero members (and most Internet users, for that matter) have a limited mailbox size (as low as 1 GB in many cases). 1 MB is approximately 1000k, so to avoid clogging mailboxes and to make downloads easier, try to keep images under 100k per attachment.

    To find out how big your file size is, just right-click the image icon / filename in Windows and select Properties. Look for Size or Size on Disk to determine your picture’s file size.

    Remember: the bigger a file is, the longer it takes to upload to the Message Center in order to send it. You will notice a significant delay while trying to send large files with a modem connection, so keep your file sizes as small as you can to avoid this problem.

    How do I check for viruses?

    Before opening attachments, be sure you know what you’re opening and where the attachment is coming from.

    Below are the most common file attachments that may possibly contain viruses:

    Suspicious File Extensions

    If you receive a suspicious email with a file attachment using any of these file extensions, you may consider deleting them instead of opening them. If you do decide to open an attachment, we suggest saving the file to disk first, then running a virus scanner on the file.