> About NetZero Message Center

    Click here to access Message Center.

    With Message Center, you can read and write your NetZero email from any Internet-connected computer in the world.

    The latest version of Message Center now includes Junk Mail Settings, you can further customize your email experience by creating Block List and Platinum members can set up Sort & Delete. Platinum members also have the added bonus of extra storage space in their mailboxes, as well as the ability to check other POP accounts. Click here to upgrade your existing account and receive these additional features.

    Quick and Easy

    To get started, just click the Sign in button after you’ve entered your NetZero Member ID and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find your new email messages in your Inbox, a place to compose and send new messages, and an online address book.

    Help – I’m New to Message Center

    The most important thing to know is that there is only one NetZero email system, and two different ways to access it. You can always check your mail on your home computer using an email program (such as Outlook Express) in conjunction with your NetZero software. Alternatively, Message Center allows you to access your email when you’re away from home. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or anywhere else with an Internet-connected computer, your email address is the same and your account is always accessible.

    NetZero Message Center is offered as a convenience so that you can send and receive mail when you are away from home. You don’t have to worry about losing or missing mail. All your mail goes to NetZero’s central system, and it can be accessed at any time with either an email program connected to the NetZero software, or Message Center.

    Here’s more about Message Center:

    –There’s no additional cost to use Message Center. The service is free.
    –You can use Message Center with either Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers.
    –All mail in the Trash folder will be regularly deleted.

    Some Helpful Hints

    All mails left in your Inbox at the end of an Message Center session will remain there until you check your mail with an email program and the NetZero software. At that point, all mails in your Inbox will be downloaded to your home computer and will no longer appear in your Message Center Inbox. Only new mail will appear in your Message Center Inbox.

    Tips for Getting Started

    NetZero’s Message Center also has some tips to help you get familiar with the features. You’ll see these the first time you use Message Center, but you can view them any time you like.

    –Sign in into NetZero’s Message Center.
    –Click on the Help drop-down and select Tips for Getting Started.
    –Click Continue to see tips on.

      Reading, Writing and Searching your email.
      Managing your folders.
      Navigating the Message Center.
      Searching the Web.
      Setting Options.

    –You can navigate the tips by clicking on the Next or Previous arrow buttons. You can also jump to a specific tool-tip by clicking one of the bubbles shown at the bottom of each tip box.
    –Once you are ready to use NetZero’s Message Center, click Get Started.

    > How much does Message Center cost?

    Message Center comes free with your NetZero account, however, the level of Message Center service and the features it has depends on the level of your NetZero service:

    MegaMail MegaMail Plus
    Annual price (Note: Price is yearly, not monthly) $17.95/year $30.95/year
    Mailbox storage 2 GB 5 GB
    Block list addresses 750 1000
    Mail forwarding 500 750
    Check all your email accounts from one place Yes Yes
    Automatically saves message drafts Yes Yes
    Automatically refreshes Inbox Yes Yes

    Maximum Mailbox Size – NetZero Free members will receive 1 GB of space to store their email. NetZero Platinum members and NetZero MegaMail members receive 2 GB of space, while NetZero MegaMail Plus members get 5 GB. If any member’s mailbox gets full they will not be able to receive new mail until they free up space.

    Maximum Incoming and Outgoing Message Sizes (Including Attachments) – Free and Platinum NetZero users are able to send and receive individual messages (including attachments) up to 10 MB in size. NetZero MegaMail members can send and receive individual messages (including attachments) up to 20 MB in size, while NetZero MegaMail Plus members can send and receive up to 30 MB.

    Email Inactivity Policy – If you are a Free user, your email account will remain active as long as you check your mail at least once every 60 days. If you do not sign in to your Free email account for 60 days, your account will become inactive.

    If you were previously a paid member and are now a Free user, your email account will become inactive after one year of no activity. After an additional 30 days if there is still no activity, all e-mails in the account will be deleted.

    An inactive account:

    Will not accept new mail
    Will have all stored email deleted

    NetZero’s mail and mailbox size limits

    If a message or attachment exceeds the mailbox size of 5 GB for NetZero MegaMail Plus members, 2 GB for NetZero MegaMail members and Platinum users, and 1 GB for Free users, no new messages will delivered until old messages are removed from your mailbox. Click here to sign up for a NetZero HiSpeed or Platinum account to significantly increase the size of your mailbox.

    NetZero’s attachment limits

    Paid users can send email and attachments up to 20 MB when using a dedicated email program such as Outlook Express. Click here to sign up for a NetZero HiSpeed or Platinum account

    > What are my mailbox limits?

    The term “mailbox” refers to the space (in MB) on NetZero’s mail servers assigned to your account. All mail accessible through your Message Center account is stored on NetZero’s mail servers. Mail downloaded to your personal computer is removed from Message Center and NetZero’s mail servers, freeing up storage space.

    NetZero Free NetZero Platinum NetZero MegaMail NetZero MegaMail Plus
    Maximum Mailbox Size 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 5 GB
    Maximum Incoming and Outgoing Total Message Sizes 10 MB 20 MB 20 MB 30 MB
    Email Inactivity Policy Mailboxes considered inactive if not checked within 60 days (or 1 year if previously a paid member) N/A N/A N/A
    > MegaMail and MegaMail Plus

    With NetZero MegaMail you get 2GB of storage, enhanced features, and the ability to send and receive messages from non-NetZero email addresses. MegaMail Plus offers even more storage, and expanded sort and delete settings. Click here for more information and a free trial.

    The following chart illustrates NetZero MegaMail’s different features:

    Standard Email Platinum Email NetZero MegaMail NetZero MegaMail Plus
    Price Free Bundled with Platinum Bundled with NetZero HiSpeed or DSL service, or $17.95/yr $30.95/yr
    Mailbox Storage 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB
    Address Book 2000 Contacts 10000 Contacts 10000 Contacts 10000 Contacts
    Sort & Delete Settings N/A 25 50 75
    Block List 500 500 750 1000
    Mail Forwarding N/A No Yes Yes
    External POP retrieval N/A Yes Yes Yes
    Access email with a dedicated program? Yes Yes Yes Yes
    > Attachments

    The following steps will help you view and save attachments using Message Center:

    Viewing an Attachment:

    1. Login in to NetZero Message Center by visiting
    2. Go to your Inbox and open the mail with the attachment.
    3. Messages with an attachment have a paperclip icon next them.
    4. Click on either the sender’s name or the subject to open the message.
    5. The attachments appear in the message in the appropriate section. The File or Document attachment it will be next to Sent field while the images and photos will be in both next to Sent field as well as in the Images section.

    Note: If there is an attachment in the Images section, you can view a slideshow of the images by clicking View Slideshow button.

    6. To open a Photo or Image attachment, click on the image.
    7. To open a File or Document attachment, click the respective file link to open the file.
    8. Click Download Attachments to continue.
    9. Click Open in the File download – Security Warning window.
    10. Picture attachments (such as .gif, .jpg, or .bmp) appear in the Photo Viewer, while File attachments (such as .txt or .doc) open in your word processor.
    11. vCard attachments open in the Address Book: Add New Contact page, automatically transferring information into the appropriate sections.
    Please note vCards frequently contain information, which doesn’t have a matching field in the Address Book. Any extra vCard information will not be transferred.
    12. To save your new contact to your Address Book, click on Save. If you want to cancel, click Cancel.

    Saving an Attachment:

    If you want to save an attachment to your computer, follow the steps below:

    Picture Attachments:

    1. Login in to NetZero Message Center by visiting
    2. Go to your Inbox and open the mail, which has the attachment in it.
    3. Check the box below the image, which you want to save and click Download Selected button. To save all the images click Download All button.
    4. Click Download attachments to continue to download.
    5. Click Save in the File download – Security Warning window.
    6. Select an appropriate location on your hard drive or disk and click Save.

    Text Attachments:

    1. Login in to NetZero Message Center by visiting
    2. Go to your Inbox and open the mail, which has the attachment in it.
    3. Open the attachment by clicking on the respective file link. To save all the attachments click Download All.
    4. Click Download attachments to continue to download.
    5. Select Save in the File download – Security Warning window.
    6. Select an appropriate location on your hard drive or disk and click Save.

    > NetZero’s POP and SMTP settings

    Mail Server Addresses:

      * Outgoing mail(SMTP) Server:
      * Incoming mail(POP3) Server:
      * Email address:
      * Username:Your NetZero Member ID
      * Password: Your NetZero password
      * Maximum Email size (including attachments): 10 MB for Platinum members
      10 MB for Free users
      * Individual Email Box Size: 2 GB for Platinum members; 1 GB for Free users

    IMPORTANT – If you want to send your NetZero email when connected with a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a Local Area Network (LAN), we strongly recommend that you configure your email program to use SSL secure connection. The instructions for setting up your third-party email software also contains steps on setting up SSL.

    Note: If you manually configure your email program for NetZero email, you may not be able to access the program directly by clicking the email button on the ZeroPort/ Platinum Toolbar. While online, you will need to open your email program through the normal method, typically found under the Windows Start button by selecting Programs.

    For instructions on how to setup on different email programs, please click here

    > Setting Up Your Smartphone

    You can send and receive your NetZero email on your Smartphone.

      * BlackBerry
      * Droid / Androidâ„¢
      * iPhone/ iPad / IOS 6/7

    For instructions on how to setup on different Smartphones, please click here

    (Note: There are many phone manufacturers who have Droid phones. If these instructions aren’t applicable, or if your phone is not on the list, please consult the phone user manual or contact your cellular provider for instructions on setting up your phone)