Controlling Spam

    Tips to avoid Spam

    • Do not respond to unsolicited email unless it is from a trusted source. To those who send spam, one response or ‘hit’ from thousands of emails is enough to justify the practice. Additionally, it validates your email address as active, which makes it more vulnerable, and therefore opens the door to more spam.
    • Do not follow instructions to reply with the word ‘remove’ or ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line or body of the message unless it is from a trusted source. This is often a ploy to get you to react to the email. Not only will spammers fail to unsubscribe you, they will have even more incentive to sell your address – which you’ve validated with your response.
    • Never click on a URL or web address listed within a spam email even if the message tells you that is how you unsubscribe, unless it is from a trusted source. This also alerts the sender that your email address is active and can result in more spam.
    • Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists. Although some of these sites may be legitimate, most are actually address collectors. If a collector records your address, they will value it more highly because it is active.
    • Never send your personal information (credit card numbers, passwords, etc.) in an email. Spammers can fake the format of NetZero and other trusted sites. Please remember that NetZero will never send you an unsolicited email asking you for your password, social security number, mother’s maiden name, or driver’s license number.
    • Report the spam you get. Click here to know learn how to report spam to NetZero.
    • If you have concerns about an email, please contact the company from whom the email appears to have been sent. But do not reply to the email you received. The company will be able to verify the authenticity of the email.
    What does NetZero do to control spam?

    NetZero takes your concern about spam and the protection of your account very seriously. For the same reason, we maintain a tough anti-spam policy, and work actively to identify and address fraud and abuse on the Internet.

    NetZero prohibits the use of its own online services for the transmission of unsolicited bulk email, and will take appropriate action, including account termination, against NetZero users found to have violated NetZero’s policies.

    NetZero sets certain limits on its email service (as most ISPs do) to prevent people from abusing our service by sending and receiving bulk email (spam). These limits actively reduce spam on the Internet and do not usually interfere with normal use of the service.

    NetZero also automatically scans all messages sent by or intended for users for harmful viruses. Spammers often use email viruses to harvest id’s and/or compromise user computer’s security in order to hack and send spam using that.

    Any NetZero member found to be sending Spam messages might be fined $200 dollars per day on which the offense occurs.

    All reported violations of NetZero’s Terms of Service are investigated and action is taken as per policy.

    Spam Filter

    An effective way to fight against spam is by using spam filters. NetZero provides different filtering mechanisms for you to effectively screen your messages and see only those messages what you want to.

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