What is a Mail Delivery Failure notice?

    A Mail Delivery Failure notice (also called a bounce message) is a notification letting you know the message you tried to send did not reach its intended recipient. Some reasons for a Mail Delivery Failure are:

  • An incorrect recipient email address.
  • A problem with the recipient’s mail server.
  • The message exceeded either NetZero’s, or the recipient’s email provider’s size limits.
  • The recipient’s domain is banned for spamming.
  • The recipient’s ISP is rejecting messages from NetZero.
  • A Mail Delivery Failure notice is usually received within one or two minutes after sending the email, however, there may sometimes be a temporary problem with the recipient’s mail service. If that’s the case, NetZero will continue to attempt to re-send the message to the recipient for up to five to seven days. If NetZero is attempting to re-send the message, you’ll receive a Mail Delay notification. If NetZero is not able to deliver the message after five to seven days, you will then receive the Mail Delivery Failure notice.

    The Mail Delivery Failure notice will contain an error message indicating why the message was undeliverable. Click here for a list of common error messages, and for steps you can take to resolve the problem. If you received an error message that was not explained on that page, please send the Mail Delivery Failure notification, along with the original message to abuse@support.netzero.com.

    Please note that we need the entire Mail Delivery Failure notice along with the original undelivered message and full headers in order to provide you with a complete and speedy resolution.

    Click here to learn how to forward a message with full headers.